Dog Hunt

Dog hunts are exceptionally thrilling and sure to get your blood pumping.  Tracking dogs will be will be used to locate the hogs.  You better get a move on to keep up with these guys, they are on a mission!  Once the tracking (bay dogs) have stopped the hog the catch dogs are released grab a hold to the “business end” of the hog creating the opportunity for you to get into the battle zone to make your kill. This is wild, crazy, exciting hands on and hands dirty type of hunt!  If you love real working dogs like we do this is up your ally. 

Each hunt provides it own unique level of excitement and memorable experience.  From sitting in a feeder stand to sneaking upon a hog you will not be disappointed.  For those of you who are interested in a dog hunt, but are uneasy, I recommend viewing some of our recorded hunts for a better understanding of the process. These dogs have the desire to please, drive for success and they sure do love their job. We take great pride in the care and well being of our dogs.   

  • $200
  • Processing $.50 a pound 100 lb min.
  • Kids: $100 per weapon with a adult, full price when sitting alone. Kids Watching are free.
  • $50 for a Texas hunting license