Weather specific, preferably and extremely recommended sent free, pre-washed and stored (sent free) in plastic tote or storage bags. Also a small blanket can be a great tool to staying warm and great cover for passing time on your phone.  Remember baking soda in your tots or storage bags is your friend!

Snake boots season specific.  We do have our ranch swept regularly, however it is Texas and snakes are sneaky! 

Tracking light and head lamp

Mosquito’s will be present, face net or repellant of choice can be used. Keep in mind repellant has an unfamiliar odor to wildlife and could derail your hunt.

Weapon is primarily up to you, but don’t under estimate the strength of these animals.  You may get the chance to get a shot at a 300+ pound boar and you need to make sure you have enough juice in your weapon to get the job done.  Please contact us with specific questions about weapon guidance.


Everyone has their own opinion about which gun, bullet, bow, and even broad-heads are the best. Here is just a little information of what we have learned and experienced over the last 20 years of hunting and harvesting animals.

Archery Equipment

My family and I all shoot archery, so naturally the majority of our ranch is set up to hunt this way. Most shots are 20 yards, making multiple pins unnecessary. However 90% of the wild pigs are nocturnal making a lighted pin extremely useful. We recommend shooting as much weight on your bow as you can comfortably and accurately handle. Personally, I shoot a 84lb bow with 600 grain arrows. On occasion that isn’t enough to push the arrow through. Smaller pigs and sows are much easier allowing you to get away with lighter equipment. On the other hand, a 300lb boar is a category all by itself! Small fixed broad-heads seem to produce the best results. I like the NAP Nitron which has proven great success along with Ramcats.


I would say any rifle will work pending on bullet and shot placement. Over all a 223 caliber and above is the way to go. Good optics or a dot scope is a must. A scope with a lighted reticle or one that will gather a lot of light is a great piece of equipment to use. Some feeders are set up for rifle shots at 60-100 yards. If you want to dial down and shoot one close, a dot scope is great for night shooting. No matter the weapon you chose make sure the bullet is made for large game. The large boars are very dense and can withstand lots of shock.

Crossbows/ shotguns

Both work well for close range shooting. My girls shoot a crossbow with a dot scope and have great success. Over all one of the best, no mess around weapon is s slug gun mounted with a dot scope. If you can handle the thump it will knock the snot out of any hog on the place.